10 best places to go Scuba diving in Zihuatanejo!

If you are a scuba diving lover or if you have declared yourself an “aquaholic”, you are in the right place.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offers great places for diving; we have more than 30 great places, but the 10 most popular are:  Morro de Potosí, la Piedra Solitaria, Sacramento, Bajo de Jaime, Bajo de Chato, Bajo del Borracho, Cueva de la Gata, El Pango, El Faro, Zacatoso.

dive zihuatanejo

Local diving shops and schools have many options for you. From first timers, beginners to experts. We have bilingual certified PADI instructors that can teach you and take you dive.

Dives start at US$75.00 including equipment and supervision by a qualified guide/instructor.

What to expect:

You will find a variety of beautiful species from sea horses, crabs, octopus, eels, moray eels, stingrays, electric rays, starfishes, urchins and lobsters to all kinds of fishes such as stonefish, trumpetfish, pufferfish, drumfish, angelfish, grouper, chub, butterflyfish, jack, goatfish, needlefish, spadefish, grunt, parrotfish, flounder, triggerfish and guitarfish to name a few.

Scuba diving zihuatanejo

On a lucky day you might see an eagle ray, a sea turtle, or a big manta ray.

Conditions vary throughout the year, such as visibility, temperature and currents.

Visibility can go from 10 feet to 80 feet, depending on the season, depth and ocean conditions. Temperature also changes with seasons and depths, and can go from 65ºF on the coldest days to 85ºF. Average is 78ºF. Currents are normally none to weak.

In case you are a certified Padi diver, please bring your card and diving log.

Always be safe first, if you haven’t dive in a  long time, or you are new, don’t risk your life and better take lessons and be very honest to your instructor.

Just in case of a decompression emergency, it’s good to know that there’s a navy hospital with an hyperbaric chamber and trained staff to use it.

Come dive with us!

A couple of Scuba diving shops in Zihuatanejo:




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