Margaritas, the best place for breakfast at Zihuatanejo!

Start your day at our favorite place for breakfast at Zihuatanejo.

Margaritas is a beautiful restaurant mainly visited by local people, and recurring visitors that stay for long terms, it has beautiful paintings on their walls, and it is an ideal place to have breakfast with your family.

It only opens for breakfast, and our favorite dishes are green chilaquiles and orange-carrot juice.  You can also eat Mexican traditional food as sopes, enchiladas, grilled cheese, or the American favorite; pancakes. They have almost anything you like for breakfast.

This place is owned and managed by a family of women’s, the mom and her two daughters, they are always there serving and watching everything goes perfect.

Margaritas is 10 minutes ride from La Ropa Beach, and 5 minutes from down town, its just across the street from the firehouse, and a few steps from plaza Kyoto.

Believe me, this place is a must!

$ Prices are affordable, around 120 pesos per person.

Address: Calle Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Col La Madera, Zihuatanejo.

Phone: (755) 5-44-81-30

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  1. Pam says:

    Sounds wonderful! What are your prices for February or March?

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