Best pizza in Zihuatanejo!

I must confess I’m a pizza lover, and I’m always looking for the best pizza in town.

I love wood oven pizzas, and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo has a couple of great places. However, in my opinion the best one is Pizzas Locas (Crazy Pizza). It’s located in downtown, at Vicente Guerrero 10. The place is nothing special so I suggest you order delivery service, it takes its time, but it’s totally worth it. Simply delicious and one of the best wood oven pizzas I had ever had. 

My favorite is the shrimp pizza and pizza loca.

$ Very affordable pizzas. Around 150 pesos for the big size.

If you love pizza, this is a must!

There is another great place for pizza, beautiful restaurant, I will write about it in another post!

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